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This section refers to pupils with individual learning needs [dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and similar], who have the intellectual capacity to meet all curriculum and assessment requirements, but who require special arrangements to demonstrate their level of achievement. It is our belief that all pupils should be able to learn and demonstrate their knowledge under conditions that are as fair as possible. This policy applies to candidates affected by a temporary, long-term or permanent disability or illness including candidates with a learning difficulty. All information about a pupil is treated as confidential and is only shared with the appropriate school personnel and members of staff who are instructed to treat such information as confidential.
The term “special arrangements” means changed or additional conditions during the assessment process for a pupil with SEN. These arrangements enable the pupil to demonstrate his or her level of attainment more fairly and are not intended to compensate for any lack of ability. The school reserves the right to reject the request for special arrangements.
Special arrangements for pupils with SEN will be made upon considering each case on its own merit. To this end, each pupil with SEN needs to inform the school about the special educational needs by submitting the supporting documentation. This supporting documentation must be a formal assessment from a medical or psychological service. It must be legible, on paper with a letterhead, signed and dated stating the title, name and professional credentials of the person (persons) who has undertaken the evaluation and diagnosis of the candidate. It should state specifically the nature of the special need, and the tests or techniques used to arrive at the diagnosis as well as recommendations for the school in terms of addressing the stated special educational needs.


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