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PASCAL English School Larnaka Alumni Association (PESLarAA) is currently being established and will serve as the voice for the PASCAL English School Larnaka alumni. The Association will be self-funded, membership-driven organization and its aims will be:

  • The development of social ties between the members of the Association and the public in general.
  • The development of bonds of solidarity between the members.
  • The organisation of cultural activities, educational lectures, conferences, exhibitions, educational and recreational excursions, dinners and dances and other events relevant to the intellectual development and recreation of its members.
  • The granting of donations to charitable or similar organisations, and the realisation of public benefit projects.
  • The awarding of scholarships to needy and deserving students pursuing studies at PASCAL English School Larnaka.
  • The promotion of the PASCAL English School Larnaka and its image.
  • The helping in university/work placements of recently graduated PASCAL English School Larnaka students.
  • The interaction with PASCAL English School Larnaka students, staff and with one another.

Contact PESLarAA:
Telephone: 22509300
Address: 2, Polytechniou Street, 7103 Aradippou


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