PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos School Elections


October 2023

School elections are a democratic process where pupils vote to elect other students to various positions of leadership and representation within their school community.

Our school is divided into four subunits / houses, called Demetra, Artemis, Poseidon, Apollo and each pupil is allocated to a house upon enrolment.

Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the pupil leadership positions of schoolhouse captain and vice-captain.

The purpose of school elections is to give pupils the opportunity to have a voice in shaping their school environment and to choose representatives who will advocate for their needs and interests. It also serves as a way to develop and nurture leadership skills among pupils, encouraging them to take on roles of responsibility and engage in civic participation.

The process usually begins with a nomination phase, where pupils who are interested in running for a position can put their name forward. This is followed by a campaign period, during which candidates answer questionnaires, give speeches, and gather support from their peers.

Finally, the election itself takes place, typically through a voting system. This is done through paper ballots. Votes are counted, and the candidates with the most votes for each position are declared the house captains and vice-captains.

School elections are essential for promoting civic engagement, leadership development, and a sense of responsibility among pupils, while also ensuring that their voices are heard in the school community.