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Our mission, vision and values

PASCAL International Education prepares students to become creative, intellectual and physically active. They leave school as innovative, curious, and determined individuals who embrace learning as a lifelong process and who can shape the world. 

With their acquired critical thinking skills, compassion, and knowledge, students can work towards creating a better world in which awareness and understanding of different cultures is a prerequisite for progress and success.

Our students know that the world is changing rapidly and that it’s essential to be able to anticipate change as much as to respond to it appropriately and timeously. We ensure students are aware of issues of importance to the global community, such as human rights and the environment, and student accept their shared responsibility as global citizens.

It is an honour to guide our students throughout their PASCAL journey, supporting them in spreading their wings and soaring to individual success.

Four core values uphold the educational mission at PASCAL schools:

Breadth of Academic Excellence
A Global Perspective
A Warm Family Environment