Careers’ Week


8-12 October 2018

Careers’ Week took place at PASCAL Private Primary School, Lemesos from 8th to 12th October where parents and external speakers were invited to introduce children to the world of work.

Behind every occupation there are individuals who have made choices about their education, lifestyle, profession and the career path that they wished to fulfil. Our pupils were introduced first hand to different professions where they had the opportunity to ask our parents and guest speakers about the choices they made, how and where they got their current job, the challenges they face on a daily basis, their future plans, what they like or dislike about their profession as well as their daily work routine.

The world of work is rapidly changing and employers are facing the challenges of the global marketplace, where competition is continuously increasing. Tomorrows’ workers therefore need to be able to manoeuvre, with increased ability and agility, the application of knowledge and adjust, where necessary, to meet new challenges. In a nutshell, lifelong learning is the new mantra or mind-set required for current and future generations as the workplace is completely different from yesteryear.

Careers’ Week at our School proved to be highly successful and well received as over fifty different presentations were conducted during the course of the week to respective classes from a vast array of professions offering our children a ‘taste’ of a plethora of occupations. Professions such as photography, mechanical engineering, hologram communications, security management, computer gaming and telecommunications were presented; to mention but a few. Careers’ Week has thus become an annual event and one which has proved to be highly beneficial for educational as well as informative purposes.

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