PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos won in the Globeducate debate: “Fracking should be banned”


Since joining Globeducate, our school has been offered several opportunities to participate in various educational events. One such opportunity was taking part in Globeducate’s recent series of debates which included 180 participants from 19 schools and 8 different countries.

This year, our year 5 pupils were selected to participate in a debate where they competed against O Castro International School, in Spain.

The motion was “Fracking should be banned”.

Pupils researched, prepared and practised their speeches in favour of the above motion. Our pupils, here at Pascal Primary School Lemesos, had the opportunity to apply their public speaking skills within the context of a debate – competition for the first time.

It was a very rewarding experience that resulted in enriching pupils’ collaboration and presentation skills. It should be noted that pupils devoted additional time after school hours in order to prepare for this debate. Clear articulation, use of body language and focus on delivery were a few more key skills they perfected. All this hard work led the team of Pascal Primary School Lemesos to winning this motion.

We are very proud of our winning team:

  • Harel Israeli 5A
  • Valeriya Pekarskaya 5B
  • Carine Agboola 5B
  • Leith Al Jebouri 5B
  • Pavel Urbanovich 5A
  • Mark Iturrieta 5B
  • Fedor Vodolagin 5B
  • Amit Tsabar 5B
  • Ranni Mor 5B

Congratulations to each and every participant.




June 2023