PASCAL Education aims to offer education that develops intellectually as well as physically active and creative young individuals who will leave school with an understanding that learning is a lifelong process in which they are active participants. Individuals who are able, with their acquired critical thinking skills, compassion and knowledge to work towards creating a better world in which awareness and understanding of different cultures is a prerequisite for progress and success.

PASCAL English School aims for its pupils to know that in the today’s rapidly changing world it is an absolute necessity to be able to anticipate change as much as to respond to it adequately and timely.

Pupils are encouraged to take an interest in issues of importance to the global community, such as human rights and the environment and to accept their shared responsibility as global citizens.


PASCAL English School is a private co-educational six-year English-medium secondary school whose graduates receive an Apolytirion (recognised national secondary school leaving qualification). PASCAL English School Lefkosia was founded in 1988. It is a day and boarding IB World School. PASCAL English School Lemesos was founded in 2002 as a day school. PASCAL English School Larnaka was founded in 2003. It is a day and IB World School. All three schools are fully recognised by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

Pupils are admitted to Year 1 after succeeding in the entrance examinations. Pupils coming from PASCAL Primary Schools are not required to take the entrance examinations. In subsequent Years pupils are admitted based on the most recent progress report from the previous school and/or placement examination in Mathematics and English and/or an interview.

Year 1 corresponds to Year 7 of the UK educational system. As the school runs a six-year secondary programme, its pupils graduate having completed Year 12. Lower school pupils, Years 1-3, follow a broad curriculum consisting of 14 compulsory subjects. Upper school pupils, Years 4-6, study 6 core subjects plus 3 to 5 additional optional subjects. In addition to the school work, which is geared towards the Apolytirion, pupils may take the IGCSE, GCE AS and A Level/International A Level examinations in their optional subjects. Alternatively, in Years 5 and 6 pupils may follow the 2-year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which also leads to the Apolytirion and The Diploma of the International Baccalaureate/Diploma Programme Courses Results.

The school fosters a healthy competitive environment and runs comprehensive mandatory extra-curricular activities programme with an aim of enriching pupils’ knowledge and hands on experience outside the academic arena. For example, pupils are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills by organising various fundraisers, by attending specialized summer schools or volunteering in summer programmes abroad. Pupils are continuously encouraged to step out of their comfort zone in order to learn to help others and to broaden their international perspective. Consequently, these experiences inspire them to become responsible and compassionate young people aware of the challenges ahead. Thus, PASCAL English School graduates meet the expectations and the requirements of highly competitive universities worldwide.

The graduates secure placements at top UK, other European, USA and other worldwide universities based on the Apolytirion only or the Apolytirion with other secondary school leaving qualifications (GCE A Levels/IAL or The Diploma of the International Baccalaureate/Diploma Programme Courses Results).