Mindful of the challenges young pupils face when moving from primary to secondary education, the school has a well-established system in place that ensures a smooth transition. Each pupil is consistently monitored individually by a Form Teacher and Head of Year to ensure that his/her pastoral care needs are met and that each child feels included as a valued member of a group. Also, subject teachers and Heads of Department closely monitor pupil academic performance in order to ensure that each child achieves his/her full academic potential and that areas of improvement are identified so that timely corrective action can be taken.


Priority places at PASCAL English School are offered to PASCAL Primary School pupils who maintain an impeccable behavioural record. PASCAL Primary School pupils are not required to take the entrance examinations, which are mandatory for pupils coming from other primary schools. The entrance examinations are in Mathematics and Greek (for Greek native speakers). In addition, pupils must take the diagnostic test in English once enrolled in Year 1. The result of this test helps the school to identify and address the language needs of new pupils. Pupils whose first language is English, take the entrance examinations in English and Mathematics. Pupils who are speakers of other languages take the entrance examination in Mathematics and the diagnostic test in English. Scholarships based on the entrance examinations results are available.

If vacancies should exist in Years 2-6, the school may accept pupils from other secondary schools having examined the most recent progress report and/or having asked the pupil to take a placement examination in Mathematics and English and/or having invited the pupil for an interview.