PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos celebrates European Day of Languages with an innovative initiative


October 2023

The Beauty of Languages

When our pupils take on a project…MAGIC HAPPENS!  

Once again, we are very proud of our year 5 and 6 pupils who took part in the creation of a 1-minute spot video that depicts the beauty of the Greek language.

On Saturday 7 October, Georgia Anna, Georgia, Maria, Evelyn, Steliana, Tiffany, Stavros, Panagiotis and Andreas took on the parts of ancient Greeks at the Curium Ancient theatre.  

The nine native Greek speakers approached their roles with true professionalism and a great sense of respect in their effort to convey the backstory of a commonly used Greek expression, namely “να μυρίσω τα νύχια μου;” (should I sniff my nails?).  This initiative is part of the activities organised by the European Council in celebration of the European Day of Languages. 

Kudos to Ms Kyriaki Katiri who envisioned the production, coached the children and directed the video.

A big thank you also goes to our professional photographer, Fotis Romanos Ioakeim, for filming, editing and producing the spot video.

Finally, congratulations go to the pupils and their parents for supporting them (and the school) in this endeavour. 

Watch the video here: