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Welcome to PASCAL Secondary School Larnaka!

Here, we foster a positive school culture that promotes inquiry-based learning and focuses on the well-being of our students and staff. Research has proven that a positive school climate is directly correlated to school success and has a positive impact on student outcomes. All 540 pupils feel valued; we motivate them and give them the drive to succeed.  

At our very core are fundamental principles that we value, which contribute to our school culture. Firstly, we invest in building relationships with our pupils and parents because we care.  Our pupils are supported and guided towards developing a growth mindset.  They are offered positive experiences of learning, leading to success.  

Secondly, we have clear, balanced, and consistent expectations of all our pupils and staff, creating a shared vision.  Furthermore, our staff leads by example by supporting lifelong learning and showing kindness, understanding, and acceptance of differences. We are a truly international school with a community that includes 74 different nationalities.  

These are all values and characteristics that we wish our pupils as future citizens to possess as they are the leaders of the future and will change the world to make it a better place. Finally, yet importantly, we praise and celebrate the successes of our pupils, our staff, and all the wonderful families that support us.  

Welcome to PASCAL, where pupils feel safe, where they are supported, respected, and valued, thus setting the foundation for them to learn and achieve their best!

Despina Lioliou,
Head Teacher

Secondary Curriculum


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