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Globeducate Honours Visionary Leadership: Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatres Unveiled at PASCAL Private Schools

Globeducate Honours Visionary Leadership:  Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatres Unveiled at PASCAL Private Schools
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In a gesture of profound gratitude and appreciation, the Senior Leadership team of Globeducate recently bestowed a remarkable tribute upon Mr Pantelis Andreou, the esteemed founder of PASCAL schools.

Recognising his unparalleled vision and dedication to excellence in education, the brand-new state-of-the-art amphitheatre of PASCAL Private School Lemesos will be named as the Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatre Lemesos. Similarly, the amphitheatres of PASCAL Private School Lefkosia and Larnaka will also be named in his honour as the Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatre Lefkosia and Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatre Larnaka respectively.

This heartfelt dedication serves as an evocative reminder of Mr Andreou's enduring impact on the global educational landscape. Through his visionary leadership, countless learners have been inspired to soar to new heights of academic excellence and personal growth.

"My vision was to establish a pioneering six-year secondary education system, enabling students to graduate a year earlier than those of other English-medium schools. This has offered advantages like accessing university fees at lower rates in certain countries. We also prioritise providing diverse academic pathways, allowing each student from age 3 to 18 to choose with our guidance, a learning journey suited to their unique needs, potential and preferences." – Pantelis Andreou, Founder of PASCAL schools

The ceremony, which took place during the recent visit of Globeducate's Chief Marketing Officer, Liza Humphrey, to Cyprus, was a testament to the profound respect that Mr Andreou commands within the international educational community. PASCAL schools joined Globeducate in 2022, becoming a proud member of one of 60+ premium bilingual and international schools across 12 countries and on four continents.

Luca Uva, CEO of Globeducate, attended the ceremony via video, and the spirit of celebration and gratitude resonated throughout Globeducate and PASCAL communities. Mr Andreou's legacy continues to shape the future of education, inspiring generations of learners to pursue knowledge, excellence, and innovation.

"We are delighted to recognise Mr Pantelis Andreou's extraordinary contributions to education with the unveiling of the Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatres in our PASCAL schools. His visionary leadership has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape in Cyprus, inspiring

generations to strive for excellence. This tribute stands as a testament to his enduring legacy and the profound impact he continues to have on preparing each student to become a global citizen who can shape the world." - Luca Uva, CEO of Globeducate.

As we unveil the Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatres, Globeducate and PASCAL International Education celebrate not only the achievements of one remarkable individual but also the enduring power of vision, dedication, and leadership in transforming the future of education.

Pantelis Andreou Amphitheatre Lemesos – Opening in Academic Year 2024/2025