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PASCAL English School Larnaka Art Exhibition 2023

PASCAL English School Larnaka Art Exhibition 2023
  • Larnaka
  • Secondary

PASCAL English School Larnaka Arts Department will exhibit the artwork of IB2 (International Baccalaureate), A Level, Year 4 IGCSE and Lower School years at ‘The Kypriaki Gonia Gallery,’ in Larnaka, on the 2nd and 3rd June 2023.

The event is an opportunity for the public to view a considerable volume of creative artwork, full of daring and diverse exploration of traditional and non-traditional art mediums and techniques that our young art students have embarked on throughout this academic year. Creative outcomes that demonstrate how the PASCAL English School Larnaka Art Department curriculum is structured to build on theoretical and practical understanding of the significance of constructing element of art.

As the students progress to Upper School and the IB program, pupils focus on developing an understanding of processes and approaches relevant to contemporary painting. Developing their art practice through exploring research led methods that generate, combine, and transform their creative ideas through their chosen art mediums will challenge them to consider ways in which painting intersects with other disciplines and gain a better understanding of how personal art practice can become a reflection of their personal voice.