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Τhe Kangourou Maths Competition.

Τhe Kangourou Maths Competition.
  • Kindergarten
  • Lefkosia
  • Primary

At Pascal Primary School Lefkosia, we are dedicated to helping children unlock their full potential and recognise their diverse abilities. We actively encourage our students to participate in external competitions, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and personal growth. One such competition is Kangourou, a prestigious international math contest that challenges young minds and nurtures their problem-solving skills.

We are thrilled to announce that several of our students participated in this year’s Kangourou competition and earned medals for their outstanding performances. Their achievements are a testament to their hard work, dedication, and passion for learning. We are incredibly proud of each of them!

Congratulations to our medalists:

Aristov Fedor, 3A

Chenxi Hu, 5A

Aleksandra Kartavenko, 4A

Ralfs Gulbis, 3A

Anastasia Iurkina, 4B

Aleksandr Grigorev, 5B

These students have demonstrated remarkable skill and perseverance, making us all proud. Their success inspires their peers and highlights the importance of striving for excellence. At Pascal Primary School, we believe in celebrating our students’ achievements and encouraging them to reach new heights. Thank you to all our students, teachers, and parents for your continuous support. Let’s keep nurturing our children’s talents and guiding them towards a bright and successful future. Well done to all our participants and medalists!