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PASCAL English School Lefkosia students perform “High School Musical”!

PASCAL English School Lefkosia students perform “High School Musical”!
  • Lefkosia
  • Secondary

Our annual school play took place on the 19th of April at the Nicosia Municipal Theatre and we couldn't be prouder of our pupils and crew who shone on and off stage throughout the performance, giving out the message to be yourself and spread your wings unapologetically towards your goals, without being limited by stereotypes and the existing status quo.

On the night, the audience witnessed a truly inspiring showcase of talent, group work and creativity. Dance, song, acting and set design combined to create a captivating production, with 26 students and 6 crew members working together towards an electrifying result, to be cherished for years to come.  A testament to our school values, Passion, Purpose and Perseverance brought out this spectacular outcome brimming with heartfelt moments and energetic performances. Our High School Musical will always live in our hearts and memories. 

Our school community is "soaring, flying" and we cannot wait to see where our next theatrical journey will take us.