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PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos raise awareness on the Bullying Prevention month

PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos raise awareness on the Bullying Prevention month

October is Bullying Prevention month a time to give extra focus and raise awareness on bullying. Bullying is aggressive, mean, and potentially life threatening and comes in many forms, none of which are acceptable. PASCAL Primary Limassol has a zero-tolerance policy for this.

At Pascal Primary School Lemesos, during the week starting from 9th of October, our pupils took part in activities during various lessons to raise awareness and learn to be Upstanders against bullying. Students came to school wearing an orange T-shirt; which signifies safety. Our Music teacher Ms. Vasiliki Antoniou, prepared songs with various classes while other classes, read out real life stories, prepared tips, slogans and gave advice on ways to be a buddy including indicating children who should be in contact in a time of need and support.

At PASCAL Primary School Lemesos, all staff aim to create a safe, supportive learning environment and a classroom culture of positivity, inclusiveness and respect. We work collectively as a team to monitor bullying ‘hot spots’ around the school area in order to help prevent such behaviours. There are established school wide behaviour expectations, heightened supervision and established routines for reporting unwanted behaviour.

Sometimes pupils may feel more comfortable with voicing their opinion to parents rather than their peers or teachers. Ways you can help at home include developing an open line of communication between parents and the child, enforce the value of respect both at home and school, and talk about what bullying is / isn’t and how to appropriately respond. Parents as the primary responsible caregivers are a key component on reducing the effects of bullying.