Participation of the PASCAL English School Lemesos in International History Bee and History Bowl Competitions


May 2023

PASCAL English School Lemesos Year 5 and Year 6 History pupils participated in the International History Bee and History Bowl Competitions. The two competitions are organized by International Academic Competitions. Firstly, the International History Bowl is a buzzer-based team history quiz competition that runs throughout Europe in a network of regional tournaments each year. Teams consist of up to 6 pupils. Through these regional tournaments, pupils can qualify for the annual European Championships held at the end of the school year, as well as for the International History Olympiad.

Secondly, the International History Bee is a buzzer-based history quiz competition for individual pupils. Those who qualify are then allowed to compete at the annual European Championships and the International History Olympiad.

The School had some notable successes in the regional tournament of the two competitions which was held in Nicosia. Neophytos Christodoulou 5A was the silver winner in the History Bee Junior Varsity Division. Moreover, Ekaterina Vasilchenko 6A was the bronze winner in the History Bee Varsity Division. Thirdly, Lev Zviadadze 5A was the gold winner in the History Bee in the Junior Varsity Division. All three pupils now have the opportunity to attend the European Championship, in Barcelona, in June.



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