PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia celebrates Ohi day


October 2023

On the 27th of October, the PASCAL Private English School Lefkosia school yard came alive with a special event to celebrate ‘Ohi Day’. Pupils, teachers, and staff gathered to honor this important day in Greek history.

As the celebration emphasized the sacrifices made by those who fought for freedom, our pupils took to the stage to read poems, sing anti-war songs, and perform traditional dances.

Ms. Yianoulla Kattirtzi, who has been teaching at PASCAL School for 13 years and is the Acting Head of the Modern Greek and Classical Studies Department, shared her thoughts on the significance of ‘Ohi’ Day. She said, “Ohi Day is a day to remember the bravery of our ancestors who said ‘no’ to oppression. It’s essential to teach our pupils about our history and the importance of peace.”

The event was a beautiful tribute to ‘Ohi’ Day, bringing the school community together to honor the past and celebrate unity, peace, and freedom.