PASCAL Private Primary School Lemesos offers a variety of external clubs as part of extracurricular activities


October 2023

School external clubs are courses or activities that operate outside of the regular school curriculum. The external clubs are taking place at our school every day between 14:45-15:45, except from Wednesday.

External Clubs:

Robotics: Focus on the field of robotics, which involves designing, building, and programming robots to perform specific tasks or complete challenges. Robotics clubs provide pupils with hands-on experience in engineering, technology, and problem-solving, as well as opportunities for creativity and innovation.

Wood Wizards: Pupils have the opportunity to learn various woodworking techniques such as measuring, cutting, shaping, and assembling wood pieces. They may also learn about different types of wood, tools, and safety protocols.

Mindfulness club: Focuses on mindfulness techniques. Mindfulness involves being present in the moment, reducing stress, and enhancing mental and emotional awareness.

Zumba: Is a popular fitness program that combines dance and aerobic elements to create an enjoyable and effective workout. Zumba offers numerous fitness benefits, improving coordination, increased flexibility and calorie burning. It is a full body workout that can help with overall fitness

Bucket Drumming: Is a rhythmic and percussive music-making technique that involves using buckets as makeshift drums. The buckets can produce various tones and sounds depending on where and how they are struck.

Vocal Lessons are private lessons, with only the instructor and pupil. Vocal Lessons are designed to improve singing skills, enhance vocal technique and develop overall vocal performance abilities.

External clubs offer students the chance to explore their passions in a more focused and informal setting, fostering personal growth, friendships, and leadership opportunities. They are a valuable complement to the school’s program, allowing pupils to further develop their interests and skills outside of the classroom.