Alphamega Run as One Marathon: PASCAL Education Teachers and Coaches Run for a Cause


October 2023

In a display of commitment to health and social responsibility, PASCAL Education teachers and Athletic Section coaches participated in the Alphamega “Run as One” 5km marathon on Sunday, October 20th.

This annual running event signifies much more than just a simple race since it promotes healthy living and well-being, especially among children and youth.

Ms. Nektaria Hadjisergis, Assistant Head Teacher in charge of the Athletic Section, who organised the team’s participation in the race, commented: “Running a 5km marathon not only requires physical stamina but also embodies the community spirit that PASCAL Education represents. By supporting this program, PASCAL Education shows its commitment to a holistic education that nurtures the physical and emotional well-being of the pupils.”

Well done to all PASCAL Education participants for their remarkable effort in the Alphamega Run as One 5km marathon. By participating, they have not only set a positive example but have also contributed to a worthy cause.