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Our Kindergarten welcomes children for Pre-Reception (ages 3-5) and Reception (ages 5-6) 

Our nurturing, passionate teachers guide and empower our youngest learners as they embark on an exciting new journey in a warm, happy atmosphere that feels like extended family.

PASCAL’s carefully structured Early Years Learning programme provides a stimulating environment where children have every opportunity to explore and develop essential skills through immersive, hands-on experiences across seven interconnected areas:

Areas of learning and development

We consider all seven areas of learning in our daily lessons and activities. We also emphasise a STEAM approach, where many skills can be developed across several areas of learning from one experience. STEAM learning allows children to experiment and make discoveries through creativity and develop critical thinking skills.

These early experiences have the power to create a lifelong love of learning


Kindergarten learning environment

Each Kindergarten is housed in a self-contained building with access to exclusive outdoor and play areas. Our youngest students are active learners, exploring the world indoors and outside in spaces suited to their age.

Supervised visits to shared spaces within our Primary Schools, such as the library, are enriching for our youngest students, allowing them to become more familiar with the campus. Our approach enables our youngest learners to build confidence and develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding necessary for a successful transition into Primary School.

I really like the education my daughter has received and the great progress she has made in the English language.Parent, 2022

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