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PASCAL graduates receive the Apolytirion, an official Secondary School completion certificate recognised and accepted as a sole entry qualification to universities around the globe.

PASCAL students graduate with the Apolytirion with an option of obtaining additional international qualifications, eg. A Levels/IAL or the IB Diploma, depending on their chosen combination of qualifications.

The grading scale of the Apolytirion is out of 100. The Apolytirion shows the subjects a student has done in Year 6. Additionally, student conduct and extra curricullar achievement are shown separately on the Apolytirion as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor.

Apolytirion rankings of 92.5% and above will enable access to high ranking worldwide universities. Most universities publish their requirements for entry and the equivalent international qualifications, including Apolytition.

PASCAL’s Apolytirion is validated and stamped by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth as a mark of quality and recognition.