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GCE AS and A Levels

PASCAL offers upper Secondary students the opportunity to study for GCE AS, A Level/International A Levels qualifications in their major elective subjects.

  • A Level or “Advanced Level” is a qualification available across a range of subjects
  • A Levels are studied across two years: AS (Year 5) and A2 (Year 6)
  • Sometimes A Levels are described as “linear,” which means that all exams in that subject are taken at the end of the course
  • International AS/A Levels (IAL) have a modular structure, which entails a series of exams during the two years
  • GCE AS - the first full year of the A Level and a substantive, standalone qualification
  • A Level - a two-year course leading to the recognised qualification
  • International A Level - an internationally adapted version of the traditional A Level
  • Advanced-level qualifications can lead to further study or entry to university courses, and employers value them because they show a good level of education. 

PASCAL students are guided to select courses from a broad, balanced curriculum that will help them gain access to their first-choice university. PASCAL’s Study Guide, Rules and Regulations gives in-depth information about courses available at each of our three city campuses.

PASCAL Study Guide, Rules and Regulations