The introduction of 3D printing as a means of implementing STEAM education in PASCAL Schools Lemesos


April 2023

In the Space Lab of PASCAL Schools Limassol, students have the opportunity to create and produce their own original products using 3D printing. In this way, they are able to explore their scientific and technological literacy and understand how the curriculum taught in the school context can be applied in real life to solve problems.

The use of 3D printing is a revolutionary method in the evolution of the product production process. Students have the opportunity to showcase and develop their technological skills by printing their own creations combining all fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Art and Mathematics.

Also, public primary schools throughout Cyprus are given the opportunity to visit our Space Lab and watch the conduct of interdisciplinary experiments related to the influence of space on plant growth. STEAM education is a unique opportunity for students to approach knowledge holistically, in order to deeply understand its usefulness in real life. In addition, STEAM education fosters social skills such as creativity, teamwork, constructive collaboration and communication. These skills are in demand in the workplace today, as many employers tend to prefer candidates who are able to exchange and express opinions, working as a member of a team. Consequently, students who will be trained accordingly, will have greater adaptability in their field of work as adults. 

“Through STEAM students gain a sense of real-world context and concepts, while simultaneously cultivating social skills.” Maria Keramida- STEM Coordinator